In my wildest dreams

almost here ...
Illus by Ismay Ozga

With Christmas around the block I'm very excited for this next one to spend it in company of my family after 3 years away from them, enjoying them and having a delicious dinner. I just can't wait to have my served plate with my Xmas punch.

I feel very blissful with life, everything that I lived all this time apart and the people that I met, I wouldn't change or regret any of the sacrifices that we had to do, experiences that it made me grew up and get over some fears that i might had but also to accomplished dreams that in my wildest dreams i never thought would be possible to do and some others that i didn't even know i had.
Every single day I learnt a lot even if i didn't go outside, I guess the school of life really took off there in our loneliness and far of the comfort of our parents home. To be patient and to be open minded even more that i already was to really think in how i am going to say some things and to take more serious the decision that each day we came across..

Appreciating little things like just talking face to face to my mom, or knowing that if an emergency happens there's your family one call away, the sun, even though i'm not a summer girl especially not in Mexico, in Quebec during winter i would get very sad because weeks would pass without a sunlight, in those days road trips were the cure and would bring me back to life even if it was a short one just to have dinner or so...
And what really makes me sigh about the people that i interacted with, is their cordiality, their experiences, the creativity all around, their ambition in life and always with in good spirit and that they always welcome you as if you were a dear old friend.

But the thing that i most enjoyed/miss/loved and truly hurts when thinking of it, is that you feel freedom in your bones, you don't feel invincible but just free to be whoever you are and that is a feeling to just laid back and relax about this, I NEVER in my life in Mexico felt that cozy feeling...

well, -why did you came back but soon  my friends , soon. There are plans to visit wonderful cities in Mexico first and always wishing that the final destination to be Montreal, the city that lives in my heart. In the meanwhile I'm having a blast being here right now.

oh! hold on... my mom just called ♥

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