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Happy Friday y'all!!

It's been a while, right? i just want to say: I miss blogging!! My blogs are like my source to forget about my problems and just be happy, cheerful and just in way dreaming and sharing of course, i don't write a lot because i let images speak for themselves in the way they speak to me and that gives me the energy to keep going and creating and wanted to tell you that because, I'm just happy that i have this space and that you read me and listen to me. Thank you, I HEART YOU  so much!!

In other news... I moved t a new city and it's been kind of hard, truthfully and I don't want to get in to much details but just some highlights car broke down, 2 months to pay ahead of schedule, I have a pain in my hand because of the loading and stuff and lastly since our last apt was furnished , we have to buy all furniture including appliances, so a lot to digest in 1 month, but you know what?, at the second week I was just going with the flow, floating away.

Obviously not time to blog or needless to say pay attention on my store, which it broke my heart a little bit, but now I'm here fresh as a lettuce and ready to take over again without distractions.

True...  Credit

Fly away butterfly...

 I wish I only had 8 things like in this photo :s

The cool thing though is that... you know what it means....(?) guessed it? NEW DECOR!! I'm starting slow but I have so many ideas, I been stalking reading designsponge, apartmenttherapy, interior design tumblrs, and so and so, like nuts, I used to say : oh, when I have bigger apartment I'll decorate it the way i like it... so it looks like this is the time (WIN!) and I'm very very happy about that feeling of unexpected treasuries to come and to display, I know that is not gonna be Tomorrow or even in 2 months ready but its really exciting. I been downloading also a lot of decor photographs, very inspiring ;) and i'll be sharing them with you.

And last but not least, I want to make a Giveaway but i don't know how many of you will be wanting to participate or even to participate :s ,  Let me know!! got any ideas??? comment I would LOVE to hear them all.

I also have been working a lot on new Jesophi updates, have you notice the new logo?

In collaboration with RolfIndie check out his designs they are AWE Inspiring!

 OMG almost forget, how about the royal wedding? did you see it? what did you think? i personally think the dress was cute and they both looked happy, wish them the best and that's all. jeje seen this pic?




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