DESAM - MiniMIX#1 by jesophi

Watch the clouds during summer, eat cheese and grapes at the same time, and take photographs are some things that most inspires me as well as music, all kind really, I'm open to all sounds and textures.
Recently I opened an account on Soundcloud with the propose that my crazy boyfriend and I can share more properly songs, remixes and sets we love to hear while working , cooking, on the road, you know those kind of moments when you are looking for a playlist to hang around, so much to explore!! oh yeah, did I tell you that I'm learning how to mix songs, something i been wanting to learn since a while ago but i never had the time to learn. So if you have any recommendation feel free to send me a note I would really appreciated it and don't forget to check this section out and if you have Soundcloud follow me or send me your tracks.

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