Music in my Heart - Vol.3 :"To Hang Out"

  1. Wall of Gum x Black Moth Super Rainbow
    Album: Dandelion Gum
    Year: 2007
  2.   Rauze x Gala Drop
    Album: Overcoat Heat
    Year: 2010
  3.   Blessa x Toro Y Moi
    Album: Causers Of This
    Year: 2010
  4.   Odessa x Caribou
    Album: Swim
    Year: 2010
  5.   The Girl And The Robot x Röyksopp
    Album: Junior
  6.  Slowly x M83
    Album: M83
    Year: 2005
  7. (If I Knew, I'd Tell You) x Neon Indian
    Album: Psychic Chasms
    Year: 2009
  8.   Swimmers x Broken Social Scene

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