My days

Sometimes I just feel tired, lazy and a little bit sad no wanting to do anything and I don't like it!!! I don't know why, I'm starting to think that it's because of the weather it's been so sad, it's always rainy and gray and don't get me wrong I love rainy days and the smell , the mist and the breeze mixed together I personally think it's magical, but right now we had have almost 5 months of days like this, and who doesn't love the sun the light even the warm weather I wish  just for one week strait to have that. I guess I'll have to wait a little bit longer, the last stretch, right?

Beautiful photos check them out! by Lori

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Rexito Mara√Ďa said...

si yo siempre me siento asi tambien y no me dan ganas de scribir o dibujar o wareva, y cuando lo haces como que luchas por seguir haciendolo o tumbarte en la cama.
pero luego me tomo una caguama.
y ayuda.

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