A new born

ok so I like lists I carry a little note notebook so I make lists about what to do or to buy or to change so I decided to make a section that I will call LIST ME so here we go.

Something about Me.
-I always have my feet cold even in summer.
-I`m alergic to cats but I think they are so sweet.
-I drink too much coffee and sometimes I can`t sleep and when I finally ready to fall sleep, the sun is all rise and shiny.
-In 2005 I started a blog that I eventually left.
-I melt everytime that a grown woman talks to me like - hello darling- I think that`s very sweet.
-I always have my nails painted, but when the paint starts to fall I leave them like that for 2 or 3 weeks (iuk)
-I always in my life have had hair bangs.
-I make great breakfasts.
-I love mangos, it`s my favorite fruit... and if... just if, you happend to have a lime near, I put in on!!
-I never knew how to play the soduku game...ups sudoku

-I love LOVE to take photographs to the sky, lights and shadows.
-I likes Brack Obama voice
-Let me tell you a little about my hair. I have had it, pink, blonde, black, very long, super short like 1" long, with half blonde and one pink, half pink half black, and then it was the red...oh man...those times.
-I started to smoke when I was in junior high but I quite last year and hopping not to fall again.
-Since I was a little girl, I always had a crush on Brad Pitt.
-I miss my family.
-I like to put crackers on my soups.
-I read blogs and I like it, from mommy blogs to art, daily life, photo, fashion, goods, bads
-I recicle as much as I can.
-Drama queen? Yes, sometimes...
-Fashion addict? Off course, my mom taugh me that I love her so much.
-Music addict? Yes, write my name on that list Please .... SOPHIA FLORIDO with a PH.

now put your list :)

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